Water waters water what Patricia Wolf
An altar: -water-nature-knowledge-religion-

The element WATER seen outside the human body, as a vital substance for the survival of organisms and animals.

The various physical states solid, liquid ice-shaped are a cycle in the world that naturally renews itself. An important component of a constantly regenerating process that must be sustainable for the organisms.
Most of the earth is covered with salt water, the resource freshwater has a much smaller amount. We humans need this small amount to survive.
Nature, its cycle water – regeneration is controlled naturally.
Human intervention in this cycle can cause different reactions and is a problem for nature.

How can we make fragility and knowledge of our dependence visible?
What signals does man need to understand and act?
installation, water , the circulation starting with the raindrop to the icebergs in the Arctic. Human intervention and its far-reaching consequences.

In August 2022, we learn in the media, scientists have found out that warming of the Arctic is four times faster than expected. The next news a few days later is the disaster in the Oder with the result that thousands of fish die agonizingly.

Use of chemical poison as a result of mass fish extinction in the Oder, an extreme form of political conflict between the affected countries?
A visibility of human influence through our consumption, will man renounce and in what way does this succeed? What are the next reactions to the environmental disasters? The questions are many, the perplexity and the grief that a nature like I got to know it as a child will no longer exist.
The lyrics from Bob Dylan the answer my friend is blowing in the wind…

Installation of a narrative attempt to question connections with hybrid material:

Printed with a textile curtain (made of pond tile) with water drops.
Two sculptures hanging from blue colored epoxy resin, – circulation water, clouds and ice made of resin.
a pond foil paint water and dead fish.
Two painted sculptures, coral reef with seahorses, one metaphor, the survivors from the 25 million years of sea depth

Sound: water – natural movement sounds – flow over stones