Patricia Wolf
  • 1961 born in Zurich - mother artist, father industrialist and collector of contemporary art 
  • 1968 Move to Munich
  • School career in Bavaria with the degree of educator
  • Diploma studies in social work/art education with Prof. Peter Schauwecker and Elisabeth Tomalin and three and a half years of further education in Switzerland as an art therapist
  • 1997 Birth of my son
Art and life
  • 2023 Exhibition "380 to 780 Nanometers Extra Class" in Herrenchiemsee Castle | North Wing with an installation and new groups of works
  • 2023 "Kunstrausch" Herrsching, Kurschlösschen
  • 2023 Exhibition "Recircling" in Garatshausen with a sculpture flag Bienale Intermezzo Herrsching
  • 2023 Commissioned work for Innomotics with a wall design
  • 2023 Exhibition at Kunstverein München- Jahresgaben 2023
  • 2022 Participation International Summeracademy, Salzburg, Certificate
  • 2022 Participation in the exhibition Huntenkunst
  • Exhibition in Switzerland Graubünden in Plaids with works theme "KIKI" dialogue with the disease Alzheimer.
  • Intensive studio work with the preparation for the exhibitions
  • 2021 Huntenkunst participation again postponed to 2022
  • 2021 Four artworks exhibited and acquired by Siemens LDA.
  • 2021 ArtNordica participation in Copenhagen
  • Curated artwork on Instagram
  • 2013 -2019 Member of the Board of Trustees of the Pinakothek der Moderne, project implementation with art education formats for youth and young adults with #ARTisFACTION and #CREART.
  • Since 2017 Free Art Academy Augsburg various courses on printing technology and paper sculptures.
  • Participation in courses for Kremer pigments, Boesner courses photography and pictorial processing
  • Since 2009 exhibitions in his own studio at the Ammersee
  • Curatorial hanging of the annual exhibition in the cultural department of the city of Garching
  • Curating exhibitions in the rooms of the Ministry of Social Affairs Munich Exhibitions with works from the patient's studio
  • 1998 Group exhibition at the Gasteig Munich with the theme "Poverty in Munich has many faces".
  • 1995 - 1999 Group exhibitions at GFKKT with works on paper and canvas with mixed media
  • First group exhibitions as 11-year-old with photographs and ceramic works


"Look, is this a good one?"; 75 x 75 cm mix media, 2020
Professional stops
  • Children's home Feldkirchen, Kindergarten Fürstenried, After-school care Johanneskirchen
  • San Francisco, therapeutic day outpatient clinic for children and adolescents.
  • Munich, Kreisjugendring Play and Education Center
  • Berg Rottmannshöhe, Youth Psychiatry and Art Therapy, Society for the Promotion of Art Therapy
  • Second course of education: Lecturer for art and art history for the intermediate education major subject art at the Munich Volkshochschule (adult education center) 
  • Development of art education formats for young people together with museums in Munich for contemporary art