The theme of movement has been part of my artwork for a long time. The work MOVE was triggered by my own experiences with the facets of changing mobility, mortality, but also by looking into the uncertain future. This group of works is about the mobility of thought and openness that existed in me during and after the Corona Pandemic. In doing so, the works address the questions: What impact are we experiencing? Was it a time of standstill? Or was it a time of important change?
These questions are meant to reflect what moves me on one day and what thoughts develop when I look back at what exactly was initiated on that one day.
At the core of these works are topics such as how the future is evolving, mobility in the context of sustainability, experiences made during the Corona crisis and how to deal with them. Both I as an individual and in the social dialogue we have experienced contradictions. The aim is to show how this changed view has manifested itself in our thoughts and what consequences are drawn from it. I would like to initiate a debate taking place within myself with the theme MOVE, with a specific date and a reduction of colour.
A dialogue takes place through contemplation and engaging with it and stimulating it.

canvas work