"The stator roars on the mental blue with quiet tones".

Stator bricks are individually profiled from electrical steels for use in a motor and then assembled and joined into stacks to form the core of transformers or the stator or rotor of electric motors. The bricks are from a school building project in North Africa, with the sale raising money for a better future associated with education.

Education is our most important accessory for a just system like the motor here, which shows only a fragment. In the manufacture of electric motors, the stator laminations are wound. Without women's hands, the winding would be very difficult and the motor would not be in use. For me in the artistic dialogue the inside of an electric motor means a metaphor for our human brain: How multilayered are our developments, which level interacts with the other, how can we recognize the system in detail and in parts? Questions we might find out if each level is visible like a stator plate and its fragments.